Nothing is more
powerful than an
individual acting out
of his conscience,
thus helping to bring
the collective
to life.
~ Norman
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Change the world one bumper, locker or refrigerator
at a time! Say it all with these unique, high quality,
long lasting, removable, stickers.

Any combination of 5 for $6.99 plus $3 for First Class shipping!
(for $2 a sticker, they're delivered to your door!)

Actual sizes are indicated on the photo above.
Want more stickers? Contact me for a quote.

Peace Begins
In The Kitchen,
Go Vegan!
This sticker comes from many studies outlining behavioral problems with
animal/fast food diets. Here is a link to a more thorough article,
You Do What
You Eat

Finding Your Heart!
Need we say any more to a vegan!

Tofu, The Better
White Meat!
Yes - it's better than chicken!

Tofu Slut!
This one's just for fun! Your friends will love it.

True Animal Lovers
For people that can't see beyond dogs and cats.

Animal Agriculture is THE
#1 Cause of Global Warming
Be Cool - Go Vegan
Animal agriculture is the most environmentally destructive thing humans do
on this planet. The most powerful thing anyone can do for the planet is to go

I Think, Therefore
I'm Vegan!
This sticker says it all (see stickers above :)!
Book and Stickers!
The simple activities in this
book don’t take specialized
skills or vast amounts of
money, but will translate into
huge returns. Dozens of
ideas and how to implement
them for the best effect.
Anyone can go out into their
community and co-create a
healthy, compassionate and
sustainable world.
Testimonials for Book:

"I carry your book with me everywhere I go. I can't wait to get
started! I just love your approach, I feel like I finally found the way
I want to bring AR and veganism to light." ~ Mia W.

"... I always thought that I would get into vegan activism after I
retired, but now I am realizing that I could start today... Great
ideas!" ~ Bonnie Y.

"This is such a great book! Bought one at the AR Conference in
July and now I need another because I just gave away the
original! Thanks for all you do." ~ Marsha H.

"My husband brought home your book from Summerfest. The very
first library I called was very receptive to the idea. Looking
forward to it. Thanks!" ~ June S.
OR  get the ebook (PDF) here
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Vegan/AR Prayer Flags
VEGAN PRAYER - Large - pastel - $29.99 + $3 shipping

Nine prayer flags, with images of exploited animals, printed in light-fast water
base inks on organic cotton, strung on cotton cord. Each flag is 6" x 8". Nine
flags grouped together measure 58" in length, with an extra 18" of cord on
either end. Made in USA.

Flags are rolled and wrapped in paper which says:

“Finding peace within and bringing peace to the world may start with the
capacity to look into another’s eyes and recognize there a kindred soul,
whether the eyes belong to a German, a Dutchman, a friend, a chimpanzee, or
a wolf.” ~Unitarian minister Gary Kowalski


VEGAN PRAYER - Small - $19.99 + $3 shipping

13 small prayer flags, like above, but with additional animals, light-fast printing
on organic cotton, strung on cotton cord. Each flag is 2.75" x 3.5". 13 flags
grouped together measure 36" in length, with an extra 18" of cord on either
end. Made in USA.

Flags are rolled and wrapped in paper which says the same as above.